Pick up magneticmaterials with dangerous burrs and chemicals!

HMP-25(Short type)

                  HMP-80(Long type)

Here is the video
  • Suitable for carrying cut pieces and scraps and for taking out small pieces.
  • Magnetic force turned ON and OFF only by gripping the handle.
  • Performs carrying and sorting work instead of your hand.
  • HMP has two types. The first is a short type (Model: HMP-25).
    The second type is a long type (Model: HMP-80).
  • Heat Resistance is 80℃ 
    It is also useful for material handling work of annealed magnetic materials that do not cool down.

Model Type Object Size Mass
HMP-25 Short Type Below 5kg 241x104x48mm 1.1kg
HMP-80 Long type 784x104x48mm 2.1kg
However,please note that the holding powervaries depending on the plate thickness and material.
Environmental temperature:Indoor(under 20℃),Not waterproof
Please check the FLYER