New breakthrough vacuum chucks requiring no masking !


Nonmetallic and nonmagnetic materials can be held. Thesechucks are suitable for grinding plastics, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, ceramic and glass. When a sufficient fixing force is ensured, the chucks can also be used for light-duty cutting.

  • Masking free feature to reduce the setup time
    A simple procedure; place a workpiece, apply working fluid and turn the valve. Since the suction holes outside the workpiece are automatically closed, troublesome masking work is not required and grinding or cutting ca be started immediately.
  • Easy valve cleaning
    Our original module design to minimize clogging by sticking of sludge, etc. facilitates maintenance and reduces running cost.
  • Enhanced safety
    Should the workpiece move during grinding (cutting), our original construction causes the auto valve to close immediately, thus preventing the occurrence of vacuum break to continue to maintain a certain holding power.>
  • Dry grinding (cutting) possible
    For dry grinding (cutting) that uses no working fluid, the need of masking is minimal.
Model No. Nominal Dimensions Top Plate Hole Pitch Hole Quantity Bottom Plate Height Mass Applicable Vacuum System
B1 L1 Be Le P1 P2 B2 L2 h H
KVR-AV1018 100(3.93) X 175(6.89) 100(3.93) 175(6.89) 57.5(2.26) 132(5.20) 12(0.47) 11.5(0.45) 72 98(3.86) 195(7.68) 20(0.79) 70(2.75) 8kg/17.6lb VPU-E10-AV
KVR-AV1530 150(5.90) X 300(11.8) 150(5.90) 300(11.8) 96(5.67) 240(9.45) 12(0.47) 188 146(5.75) 320(12.6) 18kg/39.7lb
KVR-AV2040 200(7.87) X 400(15.7) 200(7.87) 400(15.7) 144(5.67) 348(13.7) 388 196(7.71) 420(16.5) 30kg/66.1lb
KVR-AV3060 300(11.8) X 600(23.6) 300(11.8) 600(23.6) 228(8.97) 540(21.2) 908 296(11.6) 620(24.4) 66kg/145.5lb
Model No. Swept Volume Degree of Vacuum Inlet Output Compressed Air Dimensions Tank Capacity Mass
Pressure Consumption Outlet Out Dia Height
VPU-E10-AV 110NL/min 80kPa
(600mmHg) over
3/8 500-600kPa
180NL/min 1/4 φ277(10.9) 425(16.7) 15L 25kg