Remote operation type

Rectifies an input from an AC power source to DC and outputs it to electromagnetic chucks.

  • Developed as a non-contact type Chuck Master capable of outputting a constant voltage in a wide range of 100 VAC to 220 VAC and providing high speed consistent demagnetizing effect. Also various protective functions have been incorporated and indicator lamps for individual alarms are provided to identify alarms easily.
  • Because a relay (consumable part) is not used, this model can be used continuously and withstand frequent ON/OFF operations.
  • The holding power of the electromagnetic chuck can be controlled by adjusting the voltage.
  • The rapid automatic demagnetization function is activated to reduce the residual holding power of the electromagnetic chuck.
  • Many input/output signals are employed that can be utilized by connecting them to the pin terminal type terminal block in the case.
  • Model EH-VE is a derived type of Model EH-V305A (operation unit incorporated) to which a remote operation box is attached for remote operation. For 10A operation, select modelEH-VE210D.
Model Power Source Output Width Height Depth Mass
EH-V305A Single-phase 100-220 VAC
(50/60 Hz)
0-90 VDC 5A 170(6.69) 260(10.2) 175(6.89) 4kg/8.8lb
EH-VE305A 4kg/8.8lb(main unit) + 1kg/2.2lb(operation box)
EH-VE210D Single-phase 200 VAC(50/60 Hz) 0-90 VDC 10A 282(11.1) 290(11.4) 6kg/ 13lb(main unit) + 1kg/2.2lb(operation box)
※If the magnetic force needs not be adjusted, select Model ES-M.