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An example of special fabrication

A Line-up of Products Selectable According to Machining Methods and Workpieces.
squareElectricity is required only when mounting and dismounting workpieces.
   Workpieces can be held firmly in the event of power failure.
squareUsable in wet machining operations.

Chuck controller required additionally
Suitable for securing workpieces during cutting on milling machines and machining centers.
Can be used in wet machining operations.
Less accuracy change and highly robust construction.
Magnetization and demagnetization in a very short time.
Tapped holes on the attractive face can be used to install various blocks to hold workpieces by various methods according to machining operations.
The chuck is very thin, 70 mm in height, and light weight.
Straightening blocks are also available that are mounted on the chuck work face to hold workpieces by an induction field. These optional products are very useful for such workpieces of irregular attractive faces that for example have steps and distortion and for machining the bottom and side faces of workpieces.
The detachable feeder connector is optionally available for pallet change.
〈When ordering〉
Sizes other than the standard sizes listed in the right-side table are also available.
The maximum one-piece size is W1300 x L1500 mm. For larger sizes, chucks are to be connected.
When workpieces are hardened steels or special steels, they may be difficult to dismount due to strong residual magnetism.

Model Dimension No. of Poles Mass Applicable
Chuck Master
Width Length Height
EP-QN5 3060A 300(11.8) 610(24.0) 70(2.75) 24 90Kg/198lb EPS-P2100B
4080A 420(16.5) 800(31.5) 40 160Kg/352lb
50100A 500(19.6) 960(37.8) 60 230Kg/507lb
60100A 600(23.6) 72 280Kg/617lb
EP-QN7 4080A 390(15.3) 800(31.5) 24 150Kg/330lb EPS-P2100B
50100A 500(19.6) 1000(39.3) 40 240Kg/529lb EPS-P2100B-2
60100A 620(24.4) 50 300Kg/661lb
EP-QS5 3060A 300(11.8) 610(24.0) 70(2.75) 32 90Kg/198lb EPS-P2100B
4080A 420(16.5) 800(31.5) 60 160Kg/352lb
50100A 500(19.6) 960(37.8) 84 230Kg/507lb EPS-P2100B-2
60100A 600(23.6) 108 280Kg/617lb
EP-QS7 3060A 300(11.8) 600(23.6) 18 86Kg/189lb EPS-P2100B
4080A 390(15.3) 800(31.5) 32 150Kg/330lb
50100A 470(18.4) 1000(39.3) 50 220Kg/529lb EPS-P2100B-2
60100A 620(24.4) 70 300Kg/661lb

squareEP Chuck Master
Straightening blocks for kaku50 and kaku70
Separately installed feeder
Recommended for pallet change spec.
squareModel of special specification

Model with T-slots available
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