Mechanical lock &fine movement adjiuster
Measurement on precision granite surfaceplate! Highly reliable flexible arm!

Used for precise measurement on a precision granite surface plate.
  • Granite, unaffected by aged deterioration and rust, is used for
    the base. There is no change in accuracy and it is easy to
  • The flatness of the base bottom has been precisely finished to
    better than 2 m. They can slide smoothly on the granite
    surface plate to enable measurement by moving the gage.
  • The base is made square to enhance the stability when a dial
    gage is mounted.
  • The mechanical lock type that has proven reliability is
    employed for the arm (MB-MX-F). Any posture can be set by
    one-step tightening.
  • These bases come with a dedicated storage box.
Model Base Size Mass
GB-MX20F-A 120(4.72)x50(1.96) Approx. 2.7kg/5.95 lb