Ideal for removal of chips in liquid !



Suitable for removal of chips in liquid in coolant tanks. It can also be used to remove iron pieces in powder.

  • The long attractive part allows collection of a large volume of iron pieces.
  • The small-diapart allows this model to be usable in limited space and grooves.
  • The magnetic force is present at the tip also, which makes it possible to efficiently collect screws and metallic pieces scattered around on the floor without changing the posture of the operator.(HMW-FC type)
  • A powerful type that enables collection of a larger amount.The rectangular shape has increased a range of types of chips that can be collected.(HMW-NS type)

Lever operation (as well as both models)

Attracting chips(HMW-FC type)

Attracting chips(HMW-NS type)
                                    < HMW-FC >                                                  < HMW-NS >
Model Capacity Length
Attractiv Part Dimensions Mass
HMW-FC90 chip(dry)            Approx.200g/0.44lb
shot blast balls Approx.1.2kg/2.64lb
990(38.9) φ26.5(1.04) × 210(8.26)
HMW-NS90 chip(dry)            Approx.400g/0.88lb
shot blast balls Approx.1.9kg/4.18lb
993(39.0) □28.6(1.12) × 230(9.05) 1.7kg/3.74lb