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Chuck controller required additionally
Air is jetted through air holes provided on the chuck work face to float a workpiece for easy positioning, mounting and dismounting and movement. The chucks can be air cooled by adding a cooling device. This model is for grinding, but a model for cutting is also available upon request.
Workpieces having strong residual holding power can be separated and floated by the pressure of a small amount of air for easy removal.
The optimum floating condition can be adjusted according to the materials, sizes and shapes of workpieces by increasing/decreasing the air pressure supplied from the control unit.
As a small amount of air is constantly jetted through air holes during grinding, intrusion of grinding fluid and ground powder can be prevented.
The air circuit in the chuck has a construction specially developed by Kanetec to minimize clog.
The control unit is an easy-to-operate special unit incorporating an air regulator, rectifier and demagnetizer.
This control unit is computer controlled to create the most effective demagnetizing patterns within a short period of time, thus providing the consistent demagnetizing effect constantly. The operation is quite simple. No complicated adjustment is necessary and an electric valve control circuit for floating is also incorporated. During grinding of workpieces, air at low pressure [about 20 kPa (0.2 kg/cm2)] is jetted through holes provided on the chuck work face to prevent intrusion of waste fluid/oil and fine particles. When unloading workpieces after the end of grinding, the circuit is automatically switched over to the high pressure [about 150 kPa (1.5 kg/cm2)] in response to the demagnetizing command to float workpieces.
The demagnetizing time is as short as 6 to 15 seconds and consistent demagnetizing effect can be obtained.
The magnetic force can be adjusted and workpieces can be straightened also.
The anti-noise feature ensures consistent performance in certain noisy environment.
Incorporates a compact air unit.

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