An example of discharging chips
An example of discharging chips

Widely used as a means to transfer chips produced from machining by machine tools to a point of collection. If oil is sticking to chips, they can be degreased by letting oil drop naturally when chips are being transferred.
In particular, this model is suitable for transferring chips from gear cutting machines, end milling machines and milling machines.
This model can also be used for continuous transfer of granular parts.
Superb durability and safety
Simple construction and practically no maintenance required.
Since the mechanically moving (rotating) parts are housed in the enclosed cylinder, there is no fear of accidents due to collision.
Economical functions
High processing capacity and high transfer efficiency.
As chips are carried by the spiral slide movement, their movement causes sticking oil to drop off effectively.
There is no place where oil stays and therefore oil natural drop is ideal to improve the efficiency of collection of liquid.
Low running cost
Only a slight amount of power is required to drive the rotation. Most of the work is handled by the permanent magnets.
※For other special lengths, please contact us. The length can be increased in units of 100 mm.
The waterproof feature enables collection of chips in liquid.
※The motor is not waterproofed. Keep it away from water.

The spiral magnetic conveyor motor slowly rotates the internal shaft with spirally arranged
magnets inside the nonmagnetic stainless steel cylinder. Magnetic chips/pieces attracted on the
outside of the cylinder are transferred in a sliding motion.