Most suitable for area lighting during outdoor work. Small and compact, but the strong magnetic holding power enables this stand to be mounted not only on a horizontal surface, but on an inclined and vertical surfaces easily.

  • The stand can be installed in any place, removed and relocated.
  • The reflective cover is of 360°drain construction that does not allow deposition of water in any direction. (LED type)
  • With the holding position remaining unchanged, only the lighting direction can be changed as desired.
  • The protective guard reduces a risk of breakage if the stand falls.
  • The work lamp is of highly safe double insulation construction requiring no grounding. (LED type)


Model Holding Power Magnet
Height Cord Length Bulb Capacity Accessory Bulb Mass
ME-5RA 1000N
Not provided 248(9.76) 5m(196.8) 100VAC 200W Provided 2kg/4.4lb
ME-5RA-LED 262(10.3) 100VAC 20W 2.4kg/5.29lb
※The holding power is based on a test piece of SS400, 10 mm thick, ground surface.
※The power plug is of tracking resistance type.
※ME-5RA comes with HATAYA Model RS-200WH (RF110V180WH) base 26.

■LED bulb dedicated to ME-5RA-LED
Model Bulb Capacity LED Life Luminous Flux Beam Angle Mass
ME-5RA-LED Exclusive LED bulb 100 VAC 200W Approx. 40,000hours 1650lm 60° 0.315kg/0.694lb
※The LED bulb included with ME-5RA-LED is a dedicated bulb. When you require LED bulbs, please contact the nearest dealer or our sales office.