A powerful tool to assist purification of coolant.

This model is designed to separate and collect oil film floating on the surface of fluid in waste fluid tanks of coolant and by a special endless belt to assist purification and recycling of fluid.
Collection of floating oil in machined parts washing tanks and degreasing processes.
Collection of oil in water soluble coolant.
Collection of oil floating in plant waste water.
This oil eliminator (skimmer) extracts oil films efficiently and automatically discharges waste oil.
Simple casing, light weight and compact for installation in limited space.
Compared with a filter system, the endless belt has a longer service life and the running cost is very low.
The belt is highly resistant to heat and chemicals and can be used with acids, alkalis and chemical products.
(However, when fluid is hot, its viscosity drops to affect the collection efficiency.)
The eliminator can be run continuously or controlled by a timer or programs. The 24-hour timer can be set to any intervals in increments of 10 minutes for intermittent operation.
In addition to the standard belt (reciprocating axis-to-axis length 200 mm/belt width 40 mm), special types such as L=250, L=300 and heat resistance specification are also available.