A new powerful model added to permanent magnetic chucks
forsecuring workpieces in vertical direction !


This chuck is suitable for applications where when securing a workpiece on the table of a machine,it needs to be held vertically due to its shape or it needs to be secured from sides additionally when it cannot be held sufficiently horizontally.
  • Compared with Model SKM, this model can hold smaller and thinner (3mm) workpieces.
  • The rigid construction facilitates maintenance such as recovering the original accuracy.

The standard material of the angle plate is SS400, but it may be made of SKD-11(HRC60).

Model Nominal Size Work Face Pole pitch Thickness Height Mounting Face Handle Hole Mass
B L Le P D H d h E
SKAW-1018 105(4.13)×175(6.89) 105(4.13) 175(6.89) 134(5.27) 2+4(0.07+0.15) 75(2.95) 135(5.31) 23(0.90) 12(0.47) Hex.8(0.31) 14kg/30lb
*One set of stoppers is included. As for the handle, a hex wrench key is included.